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Instant Repair

Got an issue with your PC? No problem! We got you covered with our Instant Repair service.

Things covered in INSTANT REPAIR

✅  Cannot print
✅  Cannot scan
✅  Autoplay box doesn’t appear when you insert a disc/memory card
✅  Cannot send/receive emails
✅  Wireless not working properly
✅  Home page has changed
✅  Toolbars lost
✅  Unwanted toolbars
✅  Files lost
✅  Screen resolution/brightness wrong
✅  No sound from speakers
✅  Keyboard language/region issues
✅  Cannot see webcam image
✅  Cannot view videos online
✅  Cannot open a file
✅  Unwanted programs open on start-up
✅  Error messages on start-up


Make your PC work like brand new with our full service now!

What do you get in the FULL SERVICE

✅  All Items covered by Instant Repair Plus +
✅  Registry Check & Registry Clean
✅  Scandisk
✅  Disk clean up
✅  Virus Removal
✅  Malware Removal
✅  Spyware check
✅  Spyware removal
✅  Microsoft Windows Updates
✅  Defragmentation
✅  Antivirus software installation
✅  Antivirus software updates
✅  Adobe reader installation
✅  Adobe reader updates
✅  Adobe Flash player installation
✅  Adobe Flash player updates
✅  Java installation
✅  Java updates
✅  Microsoft Office updates
✅  Open Office updates
✅  Device driver updates
✅  FREE Antivirus (for Home Users)


The service was a total godsend, as there were severe difficulties due to a Spybot Trojan horse virus which was crippling. Remote Computer repairs dealt thoroughly with matters, and then undertook work to a separate location. Result TOTAL satisfaction and great after care checks- I wouldnt use anyone else and would highly recommend them to both professional end users and domestic users, a terrific repair servive from start to finish and 24/7 help.

Christine Foulkes / SF Ltd

I cannot describe how good this company is from the polite telephone conversations to the professional IT engineers. This is far easier than taking your PC to be repaired. I could do nothing with my PC but after 8hrs my PC is virus free and running like new. Great value for money and i will be promoting them as much as i can. I cannot express how greatful i am thoroughly professional and high quality. Total satisfaction.

Carl Sellars

The three questions above sum it all up for me.Definately value for money, very professional, but above all of the highest qaulity. The engineer that dealt with my problem was at all times most helpful and understanding seeing as I am a novice when it comes to computers.He was also very easy to talk to and easy to contact.I will have no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone.

Jeffrey Cope / Residentual

I admit to being a bit technically naive but am astounded and delighted by the service provided by remote-computer-repairs. They are approachable, efficient and effective, I can just carry on with my day and hey presto return home to find all is well in the techy world. My only wish would be for some instructive feedback on simple care and maintainance to limit further problems. Thank you Ian and Louise.

Gill Lever

…. “Wow! Amazing”…. Remote Computer Repairs certainly are the UK No1 online computer repair specialists… Being a graphics design company, we need our computers every day. They have serviced all our machines to the highest standard and they are now running 100%. R.C.R. is an efficient, reliable and helpful team and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Lee / Totally Graphics

I am most impressed with the service I received from Remote Computer Repairs. They worked on my computer for 3 days straight, such was the extent of my problems and they were extremely helpful and professional. I cannot say enough good things about them. Incredible value for money as well.

Sulinna Ong


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