Request a repair

Request a repair

First time users follow these steps. It's as easy as 1,2,3

1.) Purchase

Choose from an instant repair, full service or membership and make your purchase through PayPal. Our Engineer could be working on your computer in just a few minutes time from now!

2.) Request

Once you have made your purchase, you can request support from our engineers by clicking on the link below. The moment you submit your request our I.T. technicians receive both a visual and audible alert in our technical support centre. The request is then allocated to the first available engineer who will confirm he is connecting to your computer to investigate and repair the problem.

3) Repair

Whilst the repair is taking place you can sit back and watch the engineer work or if you wish, you can even leave the computer unattended and we can still carry out the repair or service without the need for your assistance.

Connect to an Engineer and request a repair

The majority of remote computer repairs, 95%, can be solved by the engineer remotely. The balance of 5% require physical repair or replacement and the most common are hard drive failure requiring replacement, RAM (Random Access Memory) upgrade to make the computer run faster, optical (CD/DVD) drive repair, upgrade or replacement and the replacement of the processor, motherboard or graphics card.

The type of remote computer repairs which we routinely carry out include diagnosing and resolving software conflicts, repairing registry damage, tracking down viruses, compound threats and vulnerabilities; virus removal; spyware and malware detection and removal; replacing corrupt or missing drivers; retrieving lost documents or data; ensuring that all operating system, third party software, security and antivirus definitions are up to date and set to update automatically.

Although you are not required to do anything other than the few simple steps to allow our engineer access to your computer, you will be able to watch the diagnostic and repair process in action and you will be able to communicate directly with the engineer at any stage of the active process.

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